The Search for Leadership

Does anyone else share my concern and disappointment for the present status of our search for a new President? I think we need a “Do-Over” to try and move those at the top to the bottom of the list. Some strange inexplicable force has caused us to get this process upside down!

What are we looking for? The ability to brag, bully, pout, and insult your opponents? When I was raised, these were all considered “BAD BEHAVIOR” ! Our present top candidates have these characteristics “honed” to perfection!

So what characteristics do I think are important? Well I am glad you asked!  Intelligence, statesmanship, diplomacy, and good temperament are the top four characteristics that come to my mind. A good leader has to interface with the extremely intelligent, the completely irrational, the belligerent, and the divinely informed and inspired. That is a tough job for the very best of us.

I think that Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Martin O’Malley, and Marco Rubio would qualify. These are listed alphabetically. When you are asked to name your favorite candidates, please do not include braggarts, bullies, and those of mean temperament.  Focus on those who are focused on issues and solutions. We have a lot of problems to solve, a lot of changes to make. We need real leadership, not wealth, economic success, or debate skill.

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Retired Enviromental Engineer by trade and training ..... and this is where my heart and soul are ..... for the rest of my residence here on Mother Earth. My Mantra in the final phase of my life is ........ our planet will sustain us for hundreds of thousands of years .... perhaps 5 or tens multiples of the time since its creation......... or human life as we know it today may cease to exist soon..... all dependent on how responsible we are ..... and the time of crisis is here and now. Whether or not we are truly intelligent beings may be determined within the next 50 years.... I am responsible for the well being of those who follow.... and I will shout out..... Wake up... and understand!

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