Who are we and what are we doing?

    Who Are We?

We are a small collection of individuals concerned for the future of this country, this planet, and humanity.  Our frustration with attitudes, platitudes, apathy, ignorance, hatred, greed, and the increasing lack of logic and civility in the world around us and the Internet in general, prompted us to start this blog.

    What Are We Doing?

Early man used stone and “ink” ( probably a cocktail of charcoal, mud, and plant juice dye ) to communicate for a purpose. What were those motivations? Survival was foremost! Returning to good places, sharing hunting tips and information which might make their lives better. That is the primary purpose for the creation of this blog site. We want good ideas. But we want to share them in a constructive way.  Maybe our ideas can be “carved in stone” for the benefit of those who follow us in time.

Speaking of time………. what do we consider to be the future of our species? Everything we hear from our leadership (a somewhat inappropriate word) leads many to conclude that mankind’s survival will be a hundred years, maybe 200 at most. Is this what most of us believe; that our greed and stupidity will condemn us to an early departure? Will disease, famine, drastic climate change, or nuclear war bring about our early demise?

If you accept that fate, then …sit back, sip your beer, turn on the boob tube, and enjoy what’s left of your ride.  If you aren’t willing to accept that fate, then perhaps, through intelligent, open discourse and action, we can change the world!

    Rules of Conduct

Our wish for Stone And Ink is that people openly discuss the issues raised, open comment on the ideas and questions posited.  We understand that people get angry about some issues and heated discourse follows.  But we ask that you refrain from ad hominem attacks, unnecessary profanity (we would like young and old to read this blog), and spam.  We will attempt to keep comments open to the public, but if things become unmanageable, we will require registration before posting and we will require all comments to be approved before being posted.  Until that time, let’s engage!